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We provide domain privacy services at a reasonable price.

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We're currently providing services to selected Web sites in Beta. We'll soon be offering low-cost domain privacy to the public. Please check back soon.

Why Do I Need Domain Prviacy?

Spammers and other slimy people can access your contact information through a WHOIS database. We protect your contact information by giving you ours. Compare the results:

Without Privacy With Privacy

   Doe, John   johndoe@example.com
   123 Your Street
   Anytown, Michigan 48025
   United States
   1-313-555-1234    Fax -- 1-313-555-5678


   Admin, Domain   example.com@your-private-domain.com
   456 Our Street
   Mail Stop example.com
   Hollister, California 95023-7018
   United States
   1-831-555-1234    Fax -- 1-831-555-5678

NOTE: The results above are illustrative and do not reflect the actual address and phone numbers you'll be sent. Also, different registrars return information in different formats.

There are lots of other reasons to get domain privacy. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Can't My Domain Registrar Provide Privacy?

Perhaps, but we might be able to save you money. We were interested in making our domains private, but found that some registrars charged as much as $9 per year — almost as much as the domain itself! We didn't think that was right, so we decided to start our own service.

We're also very easy to use. Signing up is simple and so is renewing your service.

Plus, we have great, friendly customer service!